2020 Brew Schedule

I’m beginning to firm up my brewing schedule for 2020. Right now I only have ten beers planned, but I’d like to sneak one more in as well. Let me know what you think (do comments work on this?).

  • Dunkles – Will probably brew this one in December, but it’ll be out in January. This will be my first attempt a decoction.
  • Märzen – Traditional Oktoberfest style beer
  • Stout – Miss Low annual brew. Will probably be switching to a less expensive, local malt to see how it tastes.
  • IPA – Still trying to dial in an IPA. I’ll get it right one of these days.
  • Belgian Triple – No name yet, and the second year I’ve brewed it but it was a hit so here it goes again. Will be dialing in the Copeland Pilsen malt for this one.
  • Wee Heavy – Major MacZongo. This one is a must, every year. Sometimes three times a year.
  • Fruited Sour – Want to use the barrel for this one. We’ll see if it happens.
  • ESB – Just a basic English style here. Never tried it, but I have a lot of Golden Promise that needs to be used.
  • Pilsner – This is also a repeat. I need to name this one. Copeland pilsner malt for this one, and they come out great in our water.
  • Rye – Never made one of these before either.


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