How to Build the Most Impractical Fermentation Chamber. Part 1.

As an IT guy, I find that I amass old computer and networking hardware. Try as I might, not all of it ends up getting sent to the electronics recycler, and I end up keeping some and trying to craft it into other, more useful items. For instance, I had NetApp disk shelf that I decided should make a nice screw cabinet.

Some random eBay pic of a FAS 270 disk shelf

I didn’t have a Sawzall at the time, so I took a Dremel with some reinforced cutoff wheels and bit of persistence, shaped it into a quite dysfunctional shelving system. I think it lasted a week. I’ve also repurposed large computer fans by taking off the internal power harness and soldering a USB cable to it, and voila, a USB desk fan.

This time, however, I was thinking a bit more grandiose: a four post server rack, some plywood, space heater and my wife’s air conditioner would transform into a geeky, yet awesome, fermentation chamber for my brewing hobby.

Nailed it!

I’m sure it is obvious the shortcomings here. One has insulated sides, the other is… vented. One has a compressor, dryer, evaporator, refrigerant and a fan, the other has, well, we’ll get to that. Also, the rack has no floor. But there is promise here, as the whole thing is modular.