Mash Experiment: Pilsner


Brew in a bag with a full-volume mash (~9gal), covered and insulated
Fine crush
90 minute mash. Timer set to 15 minute increments to stir the mash
Mash temp @ 147 F, checked with dial gauge after stirring
Temps dipped to just under 146 F at times, brought back up using direct heat, low flame, and stirred constantly, usually brought to 148 F
Samples taken at 30, 60 and 90 minutes +/- 3 minutes after stirring, then pulling the bag away from the bulkhead to facilitate flow.
Samples cooled using large stainless bowl at ambient temperature, then decanted to glass

Data (BF calculator corrected gravities in parenthesis):

30 min: 1.032 @ 84F (1.034)
60 min: 1.035 @ 89F (1.037)
90 min: [email protected] 78.5F (1.041)

pH was 6.10 using a calibrated (4pH and 7pH) ATC probe.

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