Taste the rainbow

From left to right: Hefeweizen, Blueberry IPA, Märzen, Whiskey-Cinnamon Stout

One of the great things about brewing your own is the pride that can be taken in a job well done. Brewing is like baking: an art and a science. We rely on chemicals and biological agents to perform certain functions, and our job is really to orchestrate all of these variables to create a potable product. When done properly, and consumed responsibly, beer can be an experience and memorable. Breweries are no longer large brick buildings pumping out shameful quantities of forgettable lagers. They are destinations for folks interested in experiencing the handiwork of individual brewers.

Have a love for IPAs? Cloud Burst has you covered. Like fruit? Swing by Great Notion when you are in the Portland area (and coming to Seattle!). Wild fermented Belgian style ales? Propolis is your go-to on the Peninsula. It’s astounding how the art of beer is being perfected and expanded. And the canvas never gets full.

I’ve only been brewing since 2016, but as an all grain brewer, I’ve found a love for the effort. For the countless hours researching, prepping, and then scrimping and saving for the next piece of equipment to add to my capabilities. The quiet times in between dough-in and boil, when the cereal mash is in process and the enzymes start to break the starches down into sugars, and the faintly sweet smell of roasted barley fills the air. And the cleaning. There is a lot of cleaning.

Beer is fun. It isn’t for everyone, and that is ok. It is definitely for me. Even if I didn’t drink it, I’d probably still make it. But since I do drink it, it’s fun to taste the rainbow.

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