Fruited sour plan soured, now souring saison-pilsner something or other

My last post, damn near a year ago (2020 has been weird, okay?), I was planning on fruiting a sour. However a few bouts of vertigo, my kitchen remodel and makeup college classes derailed anything fun. So, I’m back and I’m apparently starting a barrel program. I bought my second barrel for aging stouts and I started a less technical, more seat of the pants souring project.

Barrel, you done leak, so you are going to be done leaking.

Thanks to Home Brew Ohio for selling me this lovely barrel. I thought it would be an emptied Balcones barrel but this one may be virgin charred oak, as I couldn’t smell any spirits in it and was bone dry. But that is a post for another day.

I had a conversation with John at Sound Homebrew in Georgetown, and told him that I think I had a stalled or infected fermentation on my pilsner I had made recently. I also had a barrel that was neutral and probably filled with all sorts of bugs (microbes, not the ones you can get at T Mobile Field with ranch and barbecue flavor) and he handed me some saison yeast that was past it’s prime and then suggested I toss the pilsner in with the yeast into the Barrel of Mystery. So I did.

Good ol’ Non STA1son ale yeast. If that isn’t a traditional farmhouse strain, I don’t know what is.

Okay, so the barrel had bugs in it. Usually, a brew master would innoculate a used barrel with specific strains of brett for a saison or lactobacilus and brett or pediococcus (sounds like something that would infect my foot), but I’m not a brew master. So I rammed a garden hose into the bung and sprayed it out.

For anyone that is wondering, that is an interference fit.

So now it sits in month four, doing something. Not sure what though.

It smells like apple cider. I don’t think that is good.

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