Creating the brewery

After some thought, I decided that instead of the garage being mainly dedicated as a workshop, with style other functions being served, that we could transfer those functions to the shed. If we did that, I could make a work from home space for us, and dedicate some space for a proper home brewery.

This necessitated making an unholy mess in my yard under a canopy for the things that were stored in the shed, then moving all of the heavy tools and other assorted equipment from the garage to the shed.

The idea of task spaces is not new, but for us it required a lot of work to determine how to move forward. For instance, my six foot work bench was to become slightly larger than two feet. The crafting stuff my wife uses had to be massively downsized. All large wood working projects will have to be done outside. And a large amount of rationalization if our “things” had to be done.

This is a multipart story. In the next post I will show the progress and the plan.

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