Creating the brewery pt 2

All good work takes a while. And sometimes mediocre work takes just as long. If I had, for instance, paid a professional to come in here and pour a new floor and fix up my walls, they would have been gorgeous. But since I don’t have the capital to be throwing around on these sorts of projects, I have to use what we call “sweat equity”. If I was a professional brewer, I would have just taken out a loan.

The floor in the garage has from day one been a travesty. The pad did not extend to the foundation, leaving a curious gap in between. The gaps were big enough to get mole hills in them. One of the first things I did was pour concrete in the gaps, sealing out critters and moisture. But the surface was cracked, pitted, and full of detritus.

We decided to use a concrete leveler product. I first used a Dap product which failed to get the results I wanted straightway. I switched to Rapid Set Concrete Leveler. This was much easier to use, although quite expensive. To do my surface I required seventeen 50 lb bags (at $35 a bag). The family pitched in and we ended up with a much less treacherous surface. Next up is the walls…

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