Brew day. Finally.

Up until the 4th I’ve brewed just once this year. Too much work, the house needs things, I have a family… all these excuses. But on Independence day, I brewed up an Oktoberfest (Vienna based). It was a lovely day, and I finished with plenty of time to watch the baseball game and enjoy an evening at home. How American.

Sorry Padres, but we got this one.

But wait! I have two barrels that need attention. The first is my mystery sour. I wanted to make sure I had something to go back into the barrel. I brewed up a quick pale, simply 9lbs of 2 row and a pound of crystal 10. No hops. Dropped it straight into the lees in the barrel. We’ll see what happens.

The mystery sour got a sugar infusion and some Brett. I don’t trust myself inoculating and then bottling, so I put it into a keg. I’ll check in a few days to see if the Brett is taking off.

Transferring the sour from the barrel to a bottling bucket. I didn’t know how much beer I had for priming purposes so I had to use the bucket.
The sour has a real nice color.

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